Thargoid war

This tool is made for rescuers looking to max out their reputation with factions, prioritizing systems with factions having a presence in the highest number of systems.
You can use DCoH Overwatch if you are looking for a more general purpose tool about Thargoid conflict.
SystemStationTypeStar dist.StateFaction presence
Attada Abernathy PointOutpost594 lsUnder attack191
Pegasi Sector HW-V b2-0 Dukaj HoldingsCraterOutpost49 lsUnder attack189
Hosan Poncelet PlantOutpost563 lsDamaged172
Maribe Sarmiento de Gamboa DockOutpost1 241 lsUnder attack161
Aurus Guidoni OrbitalOutpost1 139 lsDamaged151
Aurus Bartolomeu de Gusmao BeaconCraterOutpost8 675 lsUnder attack151
Chibis Witt's ProgressOutpost1 148 lsUnder repairs142
Picenile Hadfield ObservatoryCraterOutpost394k lsUnder repairs135
Picenile Crippen DockOutpost394k lsUnder repairs135
Holvandalla Asher DockOutpost19 lsDamaged131
Holvandalla Reynolds' InheritanceCraterOutpost43 lsUnder attack131
Holvandalla Farrukh DockOutpost43 lsDamaged131
Holvandalla Abel BarracksCraterOutpost1 119 lsUnder attack131
HIP 20485 Macedo HubOutpost97 lsUnder repairs130
HIP 20485 Fancher OrbitalOutpost611 lsUnder repairs130
Unktety Barbuy VisionOutpost92 lsUnder repairs97
HR 2204 Struzan StopOutpost4 203 lsUnder repairs93
HR 2204 Baliunas ArsenalCraterOutpost4 268 lsUnder repairs93
Koko Oh Harness LegacyOutpost489 lsUnder attack88
HIP 20527 Krylov HorizonsCraterOutpost4 774 lsUnder attack78
HIP 20527 Blenkinsop BarracksCraterOutpost4 774 lsUnder attack78
HIP 19157 Cook DockOutpost1 278 lsDamaged67
HIP 19157 Farmer OrbitalOutpost1 279 lsUnder attack67
HIP 30502 Clauss BaseCraterOutpost11k lsUnder repairs67
HIP 30502 Tennyson d'Eyncourt VisionOutpost11k lsUnder repairs67
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