Thargoid war

This tool is made for rescuers looking to max out their reputation with factions, prioritizing systems with factions having a presence in the highest number of systems.
You can use DCoH Overwatch if you are looking for a more general purpose tool about Thargoid conflict.
SystemStationTypeStar dist.StateFaction presence
Balak Land LandingOutpost8 lsUnder repairs276
Balak Veach KeepCraterOutpost15 lsUnder repairs276
Balak Runco OutpostOutpost92k lsUnder repairs276
64 Tauri Sheffield Penal colonyCraterOutpost3 782 lsUnder repairs274
64 Tauri Dummer HorizonsCraterOutpost3 814 lsUnder repairs274
Ixbaksha Galiano's ClaimCraterOutpost196 lsUnder repairs236
Ixbaksha Yolen ColonyOutpost8 693 lsUnder repairs236
63 Tauri Taylor HorizonsCraterOutpost9 111 lsUnder repairs232
HIP 21138 Fermat ColonyOutpost29 lsUnder repairs211
HIP 21138 Holland SurveyOutpost1 333 lsUnder repairs211
Ngolite Lunan RelayCraterOutpost2 876 lsUnder attack210
Ngolite Hughes-Fulford BarracksCraterOutpost3 003 lsUnder attack210
51 Tauri Rothfuss ProspectCraterOutpost321 lsUnder repairs171
Col 285 Sector AF-E b13-5 Pelt BaseCraterOutpost282 lsUnder attack166
Maribe Sarmiento de Gamboa DockOutpost1 245 lsUnder repairs163
Chibis Witt's ProgressOutpost1 148 lsUnder attack146
HIP 21179 Samos WorksOutpost967 lsUnder repairs137
Jawul McKay OrbitalOutpost2 980 lsUnder attack133
Jawul de Andrade SurveyCraterOutpost2 994 lsUnder attack133
Varlawoth Hartmann MineOutpost60 lsUnder repairs109
Koko Oh Harness LegacyOutpost488 lsUnder attack91
HIP 18702 Meech BaseOutpost2 002 lsUnder repairs37
Almar Henderson ColonyOutpost3 683 lsUnder attack37
Sukurbago Volta TerminalOutpost1 121 lsUnder attack27
Sukurbago Ising ArsenalCraterOutpost57k lsUnder attack27
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