Thargoid war

This tool is made for rescuers looking to max out their reputation with factions, prioritizing systems with factions having a presence in the highest number of systems.
You can use DCoH Overwatch if you are looking for a more general purpose tool about Thargoid conflict.
SystemStationTypeStar dist.StateFaction presence
Vistnero Torricelli HubOutpost364 lsUnder attack232
Swahku Corte-Real PointCraterOutpost34k lsUnder repairs220
Swahku Bunsen WorksOutpost34k lsUnder repairs220
Swahku Reilly LegacyOutpost35k lsUnder repairs220
HR 1737 Madsen ParkOutpost270 lsUnder repairs179
HR 1737 Dias HorizonsCraterOutpost503 lsUnder repairs179
HR 1737 Binder MineCraterOutpost691 lsUnder repairs179
HR 1737 Yolen StationOcellus1 355 lsUnder repairs179
HIP 116360 Maine ArsenalCraterPort463 lsUnder attack163
97 i Tauri Converse RingCoriolis1 504 lsUnder repairs120
97 i Tauri Goonan ArsenalCraterOutpost1 510 lsUnder repairs120
Arietis Sector AQ-P b5-0 Larson RelayCraterOutpost3 649 lsUnder repairs30
HIP 18075 Bloch HorizonsCraterOutpost2 922 lsUnder attack19
Obassi Osaw Teller HorizonsCoriolis430 lsUnder repairs0
Obassi Osaw Feustel DockOutpost749 lsUnder repairs0
Akbakara Bennett HorizonsOcellus1 119 lsUnder repairs0
Akbakara Herreshoff BaseCraterOutpost2 059 lsUnder repairs0
Akbakara Cook LandingCraterOutpost2 066 lsUnder repairs0
Akbakara van Royen InstallationCraterOutpost2 069 lsUnder repairs0
Akbakara Melia ProspectCraterOutpost2 069 lsUnder repairs0
Obassi Osaw Mallett SiloCraterOutpost2 315 lsUnder repairs0
Akbakara Fairbairn PlatformOutpost3 815 lsUnder repairs0
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